The Project

Flex operates internationally on big projects. A case in point is our signage project carried out for Al Rajhi Bank Tower, the headquarter of one of the largest financial institutions in the Middle East.  Our displays and custom solutions are formulated in terms of functional requirements and aesthetic factors. Based on a linear concept, Flex digital solutions are intended to meet our client’s communication needs in accordance with the features of the interior design.

Project Guideline

Facilitate the use of useful information for visitors and internal staff

Enhancing points of interest

Highlight the location of each individual floor

Dynamic and impactful communication

Product design and engineering

Study of floors and product positioning

Our designers embrace the challenge of creating harmony between hi-tech products and the surrounding elements, such as the existing material and interior finishes and the architectural style.  Flex devices were installed in every floor of the 36-storey building and every single display positioning was established at the design phase.  A unique identifier code is assigned to each system in order to single out the product configuration and to speed up all the related operations from the assembly to inspection and maintenance.


REF 01 - Digital Display - Black Glass


On the ground floor we placed some digital displays providing wayfinding information to the public.
Made of a laminated glass door with ceramic ink decorations, our system is equipped with a 42 “LCD monitor with Player Intel i7on Board. The product design includes the side opening door for easy maintenance. Once the manual intervention has been completed, the system is simply placed back at the base and secured with an electric lock system. (door access card-control system)

REF 02 - Digital Display - Black Glass


At the elevator entrances, our 55” vertical devices provide digital information to the public.
Under each display, a horizontal stainless-steel bar underlines the essential and contemporary design of the Hi-tech wall.
Our system is featured with push and pull opening door application and electric locking mechanism.

REF 03 - Digital Display - Stainless steel


Placed by the elevator area to provide wayfinding information, our digital 55’’ screen devices are a tangible example of dedicated customization. Entirely made of stainless steel, their surface is featured with digital printing decorations evoking the hexagonal chain texture of the Rajhi Bank symbol.
To fix and maintain the color vivid and bright in the time, the printing is sealed with a primer layer.

REF 04 - Digital Display - White Glass


Equipped with a large format screen (86 inches) and LCD display, our Flex device on 1st floor clearly stands out from its background: a white wall made of laminated glass, printed with ceramic ink technology. Placed in the auditorium, this kind of product is the ideal solution to provide digital wayfinding information and to fulfil public communication purposes.

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