FLEX’s Consultancy and planning service

We can help you place our solutions into your setting or simply provide you with more information about our products.


Our offer:

1. You can share with us pictures and layout of your location;
2. You can solve your doubts and we can reply to your answers;
3. You can visit virtually our showroom; 
4. If useful for the planning, our experts can do 2D and 3D project’s   rendering and a presentation of our proposal. 

Our Experts 

I am a designer that support technical team for creating new products and developing concepts.
My first goal is to combine functional features with creative ones. 

I support customers improving their corporate imagine and founding the right solution for queue management system.

FLEX provides a complete consultancy service for the correct integration of our solutions in all settings.  Decades of experience in developing boards for signage, privacy and conventional illuminated communication, in addition to the most up-to-date multimedia solutions, are the guarantee of a professional service, not only for setting up public and private places but also for choosing solutions suited to your requirements. Our consultancy service encompasses all phases of the process, starting with a preliminary briefing often accompanied by an inspection, followed by environmental design and product placement through to formalising a fully-costed design proposal. After processing and delivering the order, installation services and site supervision can be provided internationally on request. FLEX solutions also have an after-sales guarantee and customer care team which is always available. Structural and organisational flexibility make it possible to respond to all requests promptly. Our aim is to guide customers through the FLEX universe – our success lies in enhancing your business.

Transport and installation

Solutions chosen reach the customer directly or the company appointed to assemble them via the best national and international hauliers. Kilometre-zero solutions can be collected from our production site.
Installation is provided and carried out by highly-specialist personnel under company supervision, and customer support is provided throughout the entire process. Site installation and coordination services are available on request nationally and internationally in areas currently covered by FLEX.
All products and solutions are sold with clear, simple assembly instructions as required should customers prefer to do their own installation, or appoint another company of their choice. Our technical and business departments can be contacted in relation to any installation queries.

Guarantee and after-sales support

All FLEX products and solutions come with a guarantee in line with legislation which is usually valid for two years – see the sale conditions for the specific order for exceptions or variations in duration.
Some of the features of FLEX systems include robustness and durability, and the possibility of sourcing spare parts even after considerable time and for the numerous solutions available. This added value, which we consider an asset for environmental sustainability, ensures that maintenance or repair is rarely required, but if this turns out not to be the case our customer care service is available to provide support for any issues.
The FLEX business and technical department is generally available for customers for any queries or requirements after making a purchase.

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